i have to get rid of my dog
9 ditë më parë
Saying goodbye to my car...
25 ditë më parë
The most stressful night of my life.
i can’t take this anymore
it’s over.
Muaj më parë
saying goodbye.
2 muaj më parë
my house got broken into.
2 muaj më parë
This was her FIRST TIME...
3 muaj më parë
4 muaj më parë
DATING Sommer Ray for 24 Hours!!
4 muaj më parë
ToxicDunkz 3 orë më parë
What if she was the one that kept going to his old house and ruin shit
Manvi Makhija
Manvi Makhija 3 orë më parë
6:39 I thought water wasn't allowed
Alonzo Bravo
Alonzo Bravo 3 orë më parë
Sir NY Vibes
Sir NY Vibes 3 orë më parë
Fabyan Ayala
Fabyan Ayala 3 orë më parë
Answer the text message
ethan 3 orë më parë
nours fine asf😅
Taisenplx1 Gaming
Taisenplx1 Gaming 3 orë më parë
Yes reply to her and let’s see what’s going to happen... what is she going to say back to you 🙃
Tam I
Tam I 3 orë më parë
Someone explain to me what happened between him and Jackie?
tanked1313 4 orë më parë
I smell a gold digger homie!!! Don't reply.
Exotic Knight
Exotic Knight 4 orë më parë
Big Boii
Big Boii 4 orë më parë
Brandon Video Idea-Respond to her and take her on a "date" to a CHEAP place and see if she'll go to another date with you or not because she was probably expecting sum $700 dinner :D
qtship 4 orë më parë
old scholo plzzzzzz
EpikMurk 4 orë më parë
Albert Hogan
Albert Hogan 4 orë më parë
Angelina Kinsel
Angelina Kinsel 4 orë më parë
Because I hard on ingram that her boyfriend left her that's why she's trying to get back with you by lieing because shes alone now .I wouldn't trust her .
Tawrynce Mosley
Tawrynce Mosley 4 orë më parë
ya dont mess with bosly sorry if i spell it wrong but bosly is the best
adrian mosquera
adrian mosquera 4 orë më parë
Nah she another Jackie just there for the money
Ray Rayray
Ray Rayray 4 orë më parë
You becoming gay everything about you becoming gay when you going to come out the closet bro
Ernesto Munoz Olivares
Ernesto Munoz Olivares 4 orë më parë
Ok first of all devin booker is not better then Kobe Bryan
Yankarlos Cartagena
Yankarlos Cartagena 4 orë më parë
Nah bro she a gold digger
Song Lyrics
Song Lyrics 4 orë më parë
Brandon : looking outside of the door. Anothony : bro, les go! Bro, les go!
Angelina Kinsel
Angelina Kinsel 4 orë më parë
I wouldn't reply .don't do it because she's trying to find a way to get back with you and how bad she hurt you the last time I wouldn't believe a word she says for your heart safety don't do it please stay away from her
Nigel Eagle
Nigel Eagle 4 orë më parë
dont reply just mize her
j 4 orë më parë
Brandon did not have to put this on ALnets tbh, she prolly just wanted to be friends 😂....
Kevin Jimenez
Kevin Jimenez 4 orë më parë
Among us Content
Among us Content 4 orë më parë
she left 5 million people for 1 person
Fishing Chernioglo
Fishing Chernioglo 4 orë më parë
yes reply to her
CrlzV 4 orë më parë
you should cuz she wants ya attenion so give it to her
Jeffy Paul
Jeffy Paul 4 orë më parë
10:50 Anthony came second so he's technically smarter than you so shut your mouth
AJ Da Slime
AJ Da Slime 4 orë më parë
Yes you should reply and meet up with her we wanna see this
charlie quinteros
charlie quinteros 4 orë më parë
Yo who watching this in 2021
izzy limon
izzy limon 4 orë më parë
Do it reply
salman nur
salman nur 4 orë më parë
You should call the mother fucking cops
Erick Reyes
Erick Reyes 4 orë më parë
nah dawg she gold diggin
Caleb Rodwell
Caleb Rodwell 4 orë më parë
brandon you shouldn't reply bc yall havent talked for like 7-8 years you barely know her anym0re also she probably going to ask to see echother in real life which yall shouldnt bc of the pandemic but what is she watched this video o_o and i oop <3
Joseph poole
Joseph poole 4 orë më parë
Talk to her
CW 23
CW 23 4 orë më parë
11k comment 22h
SpinMyBlock DT
SpinMyBlock DT 4 orë më parë
Nah bro she prolly just found your yt and she wants money
Demar Styles
Demar Styles 4 orë më parë
Bro this was the most pointless f*cking blog ...you think you feel cool that you got an old friend hitting you up? Lol pathetic how you addressed it
Vin Sica
Vin Sica 4 orë më parë
Viviana Hernández
Viviana Hernández 4 orë më parë
Jeffy Paul
Jeffy Paul 4 orë më parë
Rami is so dumb who would marry him he can't even spell governmemt
Royalkickz Review
Royalkickz Review 4 orë më parë
Nah cuh don’t bother it b
Spazzoutfrmnj 4 orë më parë
yea you should reply
lamar madison
lamar madison 4 orë më parë
Text her man
Paco Pina
Paco Pina 4 orë më parë
Text her back
Tyshawn Raine
Tyshawn Raine 4 orë më parë
Reply Brandon
Rayan Khayour
Rayan Khayour 4 orë më parë
Look at anthony's reaction at 19:55 he is a real one , take care of him brandon
MamiGorda TV
MamiGorda TV 4 orë më parë
Dog she prolly just wanted to give you a lil some some since she seen you simping all over social media lmao you reaching and it’s embarrassing😭😭😭
reunited josue
reunited josue 4 orë më parë
Reply but be as nice as you can be but don’t be a simp
Goatrazzi Family
Goatrazzi Family 4 orë më parë
I want a Family like it
J Bud Tv
J Bud Tv 4 orë më parë
Yes reply and meet up see what she’s about to someplace to eat and only pay for yourself see how she reacts.
PxrpleWtf 4 orë më parë
its crazy cuz i went on the exact same ship last year in september
IANIS COS GAMING 4 orë më parë
ur carpet is discusting
ANGEL THOMAS 4 orë më parë
God, please protect everyone watching this video. Please stay safe. Amen
Nana Asumadu
Nana Asumadu 4 orë më parë
Bra u make a emotional video every other week
Lil J
Lil J 4 orë më parë
Facetime her
The Miller family
The Miller family 4 orë më parë
Hector Lazo
Hector Lazo 4 orë më parë
Brandon messed up when he said “let me know in the comments” 😂
Daniel Alvarado
Daniel Alvarado 4 orë më parë
Yes respond
Keanu Azevedo
Keanu Azevedo 4 orë më parë
Who has been a fan for a long time
Kaynat Mirza
Kaynat Mirza 4 orë më parë
I fell like shes a gold digger or something but stay safe and dont repley
Ernett Bennett
Ernett Bennett 4 orë më parë
he should reply i wanna know what she look like
Henry A
Henry A 4 orë më parë
What did he have in his pocket?
Julliana Vega-Abreu
Julliana Vega-Abreu 4 orë më parë
u got great b-ball skills dude
Tyson Alamo
Tyson Alamo 4 orë më parë
Don’t do it bro😂 it’s not even worth the video! She was way too flirty for not talking to you for that long!
tauhier salie
tauhier salie 4 orë më parë
She’s crazy bro😂🤣😂. Toxic chick! Stay away my dude!
TheDeisFam 4 orë më parë
Who the hell goes to peoples house. Yall are creeps, get some help!
Andrew Xolot
Andrew Xolot 4 orë më parë
She’s a gold digger nah don’t answer
Mater GH
Mater GH 4 orë më parë
Brandon bring back the basketball videos plzz
Mahumo Tshehla
Mahumo Tshehla 4 orë më parë
Fuck all you haters out there imagine if there was no ALnets who would you hate you bich ass haters you couldn’t even face the camera and make a video haters
KSO Vlogs
KSO Vlogs 4 orë më parë
Faded1x 4 orë më parë
It will be a interesting video
Faded1x 4 orë më parë
Yes reply
Faded1x 4 orë më parë
Is she cute 👀?
Jovanna Arriaga
Jovanna Arriaga 4 orë më parë
Cut it it looks nice long but I’m not use to seeing it like that
The Kyson Matthews
The Kyson Matthews 4 orë më parë
Answer herrrrr
Dahvion 4 orë më parë
Dont. Shes not worth your time