How I Spent My Break..
2 ditë më parë
I’m leaving YouTube..
8 ditë më parë
The WORST day of his life...
i have to get rid of my dog
Saying goodbye to my car...
Stephanie Mendez
Stephanie Mendez 20 orë më parë
honestly if you’re a real fan fans support. It’s his life and him and her had a very good friendship. Stop hating, stop being toxic support. He’s a good guy and he’s doing everything for us to make us happy appreciate it. Jacky , she’s a good person just life happens it’s normal ups and down happened a lot let them live.
Natural_ Zach8
Natural_ Zach8 20 orë më parë
OMG he’s back
cecilia Landeros
cecilia Landeros 20 orë më parë
U guys should stop hating on him he's not doing nothing bad he's just living his life like any other person in this world let him be keep your head up Brawadis
lil omar
lil omar 20 orë më parë
but osrs, put the camera down, you've done enough.
Isabel Carroll
Isabel Carroll 20 orë më parë
We all believe in you Brandon don’t take the hate personal
ethan miller
ethan miller 20 orë më parë
Why are you with her ???
Zehfari Gaming
Zehfari Gaming 20 orë më parë
I'm unsubscribing breh you really brought gold digger Jackie back wish you would of never made a channel tbh just gonna give her more clout smh.
Ian Herholdt
Ian Herholdt 20 orë më parë
love you BRANDON
GetWavyG S
GetWavyG S 20 orë më parë
Get her out of here
Chato 20 orë më parë
Damn these ads
snow 20 orë më parë
Hey brandon I know u hear this a lot but fr dont listen to the haters the only reason they say that is because they know they want to be like u and they cant they are just jelous u have a better life. love u and stay positive!!
Brxma Vlogs
Brxma Vlogs 20 orë më parë
Brawadis WE ALL LOVE YOU 🙏🏽❤️ god bless you
ShiningWarrior5 20 orë më parë
Luv u bro one week has been hard not watching u so I had to watch ur brother but I wanna watch both of u guys
Julian Gonzalez_Rocha
Julian Gonzalez_Rocha 20 orë më parë
it funny they lost
Andrina Moya
Andrina Moya 20 orë më parë
Imagine hating on Brandon, how sad. Glad your doing better, much love❤️
Truiiee 20 orë më parë
Glad to see you doing better bros 💪🏽
Jozett Cazares
Jozett Cazares 20 orë më parë
we love you fuck the haters you are best never forget that !!!!!!
ABDALLAH JAMILU 20 orë më parë
Nahhh idgaf I have unsubscribed. Good luck to u
Cookie 20 orë më parë
No hate glad u doing better but honestly if u say u need a time out actually do it. For urself.
Jufc Hernandez
Jufc Hernandez 20 orë më parë
Jacob R6
Jacob R6 20 orë më parë
Recto 20 orë më parë
Brandon Fck those haters like these mf are so f stupid don’t listen to them those mf . But please don’t leave youtube U are the best . Keep going with the most amazing videos in the world . U are a King 🙌🏼🔥👑
Fernando Gutierrez
Fernando Gutierrez 20 orë më parë
Imagine talking shit about some who puts their entire days to making videos for us to watch and enjoy and be positive and then him having take in all this hate if u dont fuck with him move on ur day and dont watch him. Much love Brandon dont let these dumbasses bring your energy down
Phoebe 20 orë më parë
So beautiful to see friends and family come through and have your back That's support system right there!!! Keep blocking out the haters..they don't matter...
Pedro Alexandre
Pedro Alexandre 20 orë më parë
Where the fuck is Anthony?
B Fazzo
B Fazzo 20 orë më parë
Keep it it up love you glad ur still recording would be heart broken if you didn’t
BAWI THAWNG 20 orë më parë
I'm a time traveler form 2021 lol I just realized after 4 years that Booker ate at his house
Samin Rahman
Samin Rahman 20 orë më parë
welcome back bro
Jason Benitez
Jason Benitez 20 orë më parë
Fuck these kids that don't really know about a stable relationship & life. Y'all so dependant on a significant other y'all will break when they're not there.
sidsvlog 20 orë më parë
Tell them mamma rug you stood up for you child let the haters go screw them self brandon is a great youtuber he needs to take a break from the negative haters
Sophia Agostini
Sophia Agostini 20 orë më parë
We all love you Brandon focus on yourself because your health is what's important
EDB 445
EDB 445 20 orë më parë
That’s 🧢 characters and villains jojo slaps but power system is debatable fight scenes are debatable
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 20 orë më parë
We love you too mama rug 🧡💜🧡💜💯
mary bot
mary bot 20 orë më parë
jackie : come meet up to get ur mind off things, you can vent to me jackie also being the reason why he's depressed ...
Zayd Marais
Zayd Marais 20 orë më parë
U deserved it bro
Pullupjumper4 20 orë më parë
Anyone watching after he got snubbed?
Mindset Cn
Mindset Cn 20 orë më parë
Go to 9:45-9:50
insaaf 20 orë më parë
It makes me so happy to see you smile like that again 😁. Sending lots of love 💞💞💞💞💞
Dragons_Glare42 20 orë më parë
Brandon don’t even worry about the haters if haters gotta come to your channel to talk shit then sad but they also helping you cause they decided to click on your video just to talk shit haters are lame. Keep your grind up haters wanna be you but they never will
Vic Giron
Vic Giron 20 orë më parë
Hussein Ghosn
Hussein Ghosn 20 orë më parë
We love you Brandon we are with you stay strong we are with you till the end ❤️
1Betomendoza 20 orë më parë
We love you bro!
LAC809 20 orë më parë
I’m still here because I am a real fan/supporter Brawadis and his family
granada Lion
granada Lion 20 orë më parë
Do a haunted video with Jackie lol
Charity Van Meter
Charity Van Meter 20 orë më parë
Love mama rug!! Keep on keeping on Brandon your a great person!
Jeiny Espinoza
Jeiny Espinoza 20 orë më parë
Who else is here in 2021 ::::::ME
itsELI 20 orë më parë
Lmao not the pooping
Gonzalez Lopez Israel
Gonzalez Lopez Israel 20 orë më parë
why are thay still breakup thay have to get to geter
Layla Sanchez
Layla Sanchez 20 orë më parë
Stand mama rug!!!! Love her!!!❤️❤️👑👑
Cristiano Veliz
Cristiano Veliz 20 orë më parë
I haven’t smiled this much in ages glad to see u back brother
Oakboy23 20 orë më parë
Listen to mama rug hater do that I’m a fan screw haters
Warfiplier Vlogs
Warfiplier Vlogs 20 orë më parë
3:30 Hey Cowboy 😂😂
Caroline Curmi
Caroline Curmi 20 orë më parë
Always love
Pablo Cruz
Pablo Cruz 20 orë më parë
Crossingrino2 20 orë më parë
Adrian Rios
Adrian Rios 20 orë më parë
2021 any 1 👀👀👀
Jackelin Chapa
Jackelin Chapa 20 orë më parë
My Name Is Also Jackei
Ura Bitch
Ura Bitch 20 orë më parë
Why can’t this man be like his brother
Witch King Hope
Witch King Hope 20 orë më parë
Papa Rug the real hero 💪🏽 stays grinding for his family even with all the wealth but didn’t even stop working. Saludos
liz 20 orë më parë
Monica rodriguez
Monica rodriguez 20 orë më parë
Made me cry at the end lol and also I’m happy booker n Jackie together again he loves her to death and you but y’all his mommy n daddy so yeah
Felix Adan
Felix Adan 20 orë më parë
We want to see. Brandon ! Make a football vid !
SilenT_PurGe96 20 orë më parë
Damn bro you got the best family and friends I wish I had them too
Little JJ Games
Little JJ Games 20 orë më parë
You mess-in up she gonna break your heart again!
Eligaha Swanner
Eligaha Swanner 20 orë më parë
yes i knew he was coming back
Evdog 123
Evdog 123 20 orë më parë
You repay us by making the beast videos on yt
Rion Osmani
Rion Osmani 20 orë më parë
hey brawadis you got hated by haters but you got love from your fam us so i have a dream only you and rug can do this but i know you cant du that but that dream is to meet you and rug pllllz try to complete my dream an come to kosovo
BB Squad
BB Squad 20 orë më parë
👇 like if you guys missed his old videos and like if you miss him
Alan Govert
Alan Govert 20 orë më parë
Mama rug speaking fax
Toms Alberts Ostrovskis
Toms Alberts Ostrovskis 20 orë më parë
So is jackie back?
heret0enJoy 20 orë më parë
Where's Anthony??? He left him
Nidhin Babu
Nidhin Babu 20 orë më parë
Felix Adan
Felix Adan 20 orë më parë
Why to hate ?🤦🏻‍♂️
granada Lion
granada Lion 20 orë më parë
Wish Brandon was Bi 😍
Jayant 20 orë më parë
Ok can someone tell me where’s anthony ??
Ballyianno Bricks
Ballyianno Bricks 20 orë më parë
Chris Ascencio
Chris Ascencio 20 orë më parë
may the force be with you always Brandon :,)
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 20 orë më parë
YBN AK 20 orë më parë
“Papa rug knows Spanish tooo “
Bunter_playZ 20 orë më parë
Bruh go to chevron shells gas is a**