I hid this from you guys for 10 years...

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Rival 190 M
Rival 190 M Orë më parë
He says j instead of Jackie 😂😂
ItssTREX 18 orë më parë
W video
Lilian hernandez
Lilian hernandez 23 orë më parë
Que dios los bendiga sus familia muy bonitas
Gamerkid Cv
Gamerkid Cv Ditë më parë
I no making videos to make muney but you haft to for the muney
Coy Combs
Coy Combs 2 ditë më parë
Papa rug is so funny
Samuel Barassi
Samuel Barassi 3 ditë më parë
Genesis1 3 ditë më parë
I’ve noticed the same few ppl who talk negatively and clearly enviable vid after vid ! Not sure the very passionate haters hold any validation, use your time to better your situation!
Genesis1 3 ditë më parë
BTW if the footwear comes off by an ethnic mother >>> RUN ! Don’t believe me go ask former president Bush (the son) when he was doing a press conference in Baghdad.
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 11 ditë më parë
This was a very funny story 😂😂😂
Retro Chan
Retro Chan 11 ditë më parë
i wont stop commenting until nour herself replies, i have had the biggest crush on her for so long and i would be happy of she repleys🥺
Kenzo 12 ditë më parë
moms always know when something is going on 😭😭
Kenzo 12 ditë më parë
you need to find the girl and make a video w her LMFAOOOOOO
Kushal The Gamer YT
Kushal The Gamer YT 13 ditë më parë
He went hamm
It’s frozen fortnite biggest fan btw
It’s frozen fortnite biggest fan btw 15 ditë më parë
9:27 - 9:32 ohh I like ya cut g
It’s frozen fortnite biggest fan btw
It’s frozen fortnite biggest fan btw 15 ditë më parë
Jackie is dating a no life overweight bootleg lil mosey
BoD X BeAsT 15 ditë më parë
dislilked sry:)
D1VN Nymaq
D1VN Nymaq 15 ditë më parë
Ron: I like this story 😂😂😂
FAT BOY 15 ditë më parë
MrRainbowHat 16 ditë më parë
The thing happened
Mexican Memes
Mexican Memes 16 ditë më parë
The girl watching this video👁👄👁💧
Demarcus12 clark
Demarcus12 clark 16 ditë më parë
plot twist: the girl was sommer ray
Demarcus12 clark
Demarcus12 clark 16 ditë më parë
im just coming straight out of curiosity but brandon, how many times did this video get taken down smh lmfao
Demarcus12 clark
Demarcus12 clark 16 ditë më parë
you had round 1 WtF , how many rounds did you have brandon ? hold the f*ck up lemme finish this video real quick im weak asf
Melanin_Zaniah 17 ditë më parë
Papa Rug looked so proud 😭😭
Melanin_Zaniah 17 ditë më parë
This was the funniest sneaking in story I done heard😭😭😭
BabyFace Bammy
BabyFace Bammy 17 ditë më parë
PAPA RUG SAID “then round 3”
Mary Glm
Mary Glm 18 ditë më parë
Anyone would think that the girl that was standing on that roof is crazy😆😆😆😆😆 !!!!!
Kevin Antonio
Kevin Antonio 18 ditë më parë
“who won the match”😭😂
Ivan Cleto
Ivan Cleto 19 ditë më parë
How Brandon was also acting while he was telling the story lol it was so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ʟuke sidel
ʟuke sidel 20 ditë më parë
lmaooo no wonder the water bill was higher...
Blaine 21 ditë më parë
This should be on a different website😭
avery simone.
avery simone. 21 ditë më parë
I love this video 😂😂😂 had me literally dying the whole time. Brandon was so nervous 💀 but I recommend this being a weekly thing bc it was just too hilarious.😂😭
Omar Ali
Omar Ali 22 ditë më parë
Papa rug I thinking about the view
Dusty 22 ditë më parë
He kept it from us for 1O years and u started 5 years ago lmao
Yaretzi Andrade
Yaretzi Andrade 23 ditë më parë
Yaretzi Andrade
Yaretzi Andrade 23 ditë më parë
Franki Santana
Franki Santana 24 ditë më parë
Do more story times bro
Malandro’s Klan
Malandro’s Klan 24 ditë më parë
Ulises Rodriguez
Ulises Rodriguez 24 ditë më parë
Jamie incognito taught him good
Jana Karaki
Jana Karaki 24 ditë më parë
He said j instead of jackie because of booker is right there and who doesn't know that booker loves jackie not to he didn't want to give clout or something
1 sub before 2021
1 sub before 2021 25 ditë më parë
You did not have s##
Luwam Asfha
Luwam Asfha 26 ditë më parë
He said if he was a hit his body count would be ZERO 😂
Tatertott828 Tater
Tatertott828 Tater 26 ditë më parë
Papa rug looks like he’s amused
Tatertott828 Tater
Tatertott828 Tater 26 ditë më parë
Sorry bout Jackie you’ll find your girl
Get the dog 2.8 meterys
Get the dog 2.8 meterys 26 ditë më parë
Dragz 26 ditë më parë
I actually want to see her in a vid if he can get in contact with her lmao
Marcus Cabello
Marcus Cabello 26 ditë më parë
Deandrew Pottinger
Deandrew Pottinger 26 ditë më parë
Nobody: Brandon: "At two in the morning, the middle of the night" 😂👉11:22
Milano Reacts
Milano Reacts 19 ditë më parë
How is that funny little kid
Dusty 22 ditë më parë
Lelilah Ros Morales
Lelilah Ros Morales 24 ditë më parë
Jesus Eric Pagulayan
Jesus Eric Pagulayan 24 ditë më parë
funny af
Elite_Chuyyito0616 27 ditë më parë
He calls jackie j
B1k C
B1k C 27 ditë më parë
This story is so jokes !
ZerkzY 27 ditë më parë
People who aren’t dirty minded watching this like 👁👄👁
D J 27 ditë më parë
Legend has it that the girl has not been seen till this day
Pablo Lopez
Pablo Lopez 28 ditë më parë
Abdul Mueez YT
Abdul Mueez YT 28 ditë më parë
So she was preg?
Edwin Ceron
Edwin Ceron 28 ditë më parë
So she was the imposter and vented so she won’t get caught 😂
raquel morales
raquel morales 28 ditë më parë
Were gonna Get Caught 🤣🤣🤣
fornite scooter
fornite scooter 28 ditë më parë
I really want j back
SimplyD 28 ditë më parë
💀💀💀😂😂😂😂 Ron “round 3”
Daniel Bazan
Daniel Bazan 29 ditë më parë
Wow that’s crazy really enjoy this video it made me smile 😂😂
XxbozzgamerxX Dylanmalm
XxbozzgamerxX Dylanmalm 29 ditë më parë
Brandon I was loading Ron who won the match ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Joel Olazaba
Joel Olazaba 29 ditë më parë
Imagine saying this to your mexican mom 😂😂
TSM_Pros 29 ditë më parë
“ I liked this story” 😂
Divontae B
Divontae B 29 ditë më parë
Mr. goosebumps
Mr. goosebumps 29 ditë më parë
We need more
Yesenia Gutierrez
Yesenia Gutierrez 29 ditë më parë
Brandon: it was a good story righ?? Papa rug: yeah!!! That was a good story. Brandon: I am going to read this to ok my kids one day when I have kids. Me: dying laughing 💀😂... you should probably not tell them that and keep it PG👀
Alexa Garcia
Alexa Garcia 29 ditë më parë
Papa rug face 😂😂
BzK Pandaz
BzK Pandaz Muaj më parë
Yooo it was that girl Cindy from that one video where Anthony called his ex for Stephanie’s Graduation party 😂💀
alpha day
alpha day Muaj më parë
did shawty have a fatty atleast
sonia Vega
sonia Vega Muaj më parë
You are fake 😭😭😭😭
eswar teja
eswar teja Muaj më parë
brandon u should definitely wear that girl costume for Halloween.
Jyoti Kumari
Jyoti Kumari Muaj më parë
WHAT HAPPENED?/??? i am... am .....
MrKrab 858
MrKrab 858 Muaj më parë
Lmao your dad looks very happy
Ellington Duke
Ellington Duke Muaj më parë
Jesus loves y’all and he wants a relationship with you he died for you
SetCollia Muaj më parë
Its true i was the window
wakar jaffri
wakar jaffri Muaj më parë
8:40 Papa Rug is the best😂😂😂cracked me up
Breana Mar
Breana Mar Muaj më parë
The like um 😂😂 I’m dead
rogelio Betancourt
rogelio Betancourt Muaj më parë
I feel like the girl is in the comments somewhere here
JUAN SARINANA Muaj më parë
Yahir Viayra
Yahir Viayra Muaj më parë
Honry just say it💀
The ATRAIN Muaj më parë
sugarlady love
sugarlady love Muaj më parë
Drew Windham
Drew Windham Muaj më parë
Moms always know what is going on. Good and bad.
Manuel Avina
Manuel Avina Muaj më parë
Papa rug really said “who won the Match”🤣🤣🤣
Adam Porter9
Adam Porter9 Muaj më parë
Can I get a hoiaaaaaaaa
Leo Reyes
Leo Reyes Muaj më parë
That’s insane I thought Jayyyyyyy was his cousin.
MinajShades Muaj më parë
Brandon does have a baby... & I’m making him . I was locked away (Not in jail) n it’s still in the making but I promise it’ll be done by the end of this year .
Araf Uddin
Araf Uddin Muaj më parë
This video was funny ass fuck you can't not lie😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alan_btw Muaj më parë
Wtf that acting was so good I laughed almost for an hour😂😂
Brian Hill
Brian Hill Muaj më parë
Deadass over this fake ass channel now
Andrew Valdez
Andrew Valdez Muaj më parë
The story is true, I was the girl😕
Slurpy Dreams
Slurpy Dreams Muaj më parë
LOL Brandon telling his mom hold up it gets worse😂😂
Mobile God
Mobile God Muaj më parë
Brandon is the best ALnetsr ever it’s so nice to see him happy like this 😎 I love this guy makes me laugh so hard all the time 😹
George Gaming
George Gaming Muaj më parë
I love papa rug he says"and round "
ZOOWING298 Muaj më parë
This is one of the best video I’ve ever watched I swear!!!!!!!!!! 😂
Jvck 1013
Jvck 1013 Muaj më parë
Just a whole ass awkward s3x story. This something I'd never bring up to my parents lmao
Kbennel L
Kbennel L Muaj më parë
Love papa rug he seems such a nice person
bisakha basak
bisakha basak Muaj më parë
who wants to see the girl?
A2sav Muaj më parë
Eternal._.jalvarez Muaj më parë
I wonder what rug heard?💀
YMS Gamer
YMS Gamer Muaj më parë
I’m Moving into FAZE RUG’S MANSION!!
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