Paying FaZe Rug $1,000 to BREAK UP WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND...

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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

Super Siblings
Super Siblings 17 orë më parë
Rug said not auto tune I SMELL CAP🧢
Queens Books
Queens Books 2 ditë më parë
Ok I’m I the only one who got the ad State Farm 🤦🏻‍♀️
Shourya Gupta
Shourya Gupta 5 ditë më parë
I am 5 feet and I am 12, I makes me laugh so much that Anthony is 5feet 2inches
Retro Chan
Retro Chan 7 ditë më parë
i wont stop commenting until nour herself replies, i have had the biggest crush on her for so long and i would be happy of she repleys🥺
Antonio Santos-Costa
Antonio Santos-Costa 7 ditë më parë
Yo the sameness bruh I love the smell of Gas
Kevin Ayivor
Kevin Ayivor 13 ditë më parë
Its funny how his prediction was actually right
Siraj Anwar
Siraj Anwar 13 ditë më parë
Make your under arm hair also remove every month
Kaya Smulders
Kaya Smulders 17 ditë më parë
Booker is so cute
Shrek 19 ditë më parë
Did the "other" person ever get her clothes back?
Game Life22
Game Life22 20 ditë më parë
Bro same gas smells so good
Gaming with Roshaun
Gaming with Roshaun 20 ditë më parë
I don't know if all the videos are all just posted at different times because I swear I see u in that outfit soooo much
_yusuf614 _
_yusuf614 _ 21 ditë më parë
Who’s here when he said Lakers in 6 and that actually came trie
Cassie Last
Cassie Last 21 ditë më parë
*picks team for basketball* Everyone: I want Brandon on my team
Lena Gonzo
Lena Gonzo 22 ditë më parë
Sorry to bring this up robotics but I wonder if he knew that he was going to go through that or if he already knew it was going on and that's why he picked that song to put on his channel
Cxpy II
Cxpy II 22 ditë më parë
5:02 if you’re a true fan you’ll remember a couple years back he said he likes the smell of gas and he got caught smelling it buy a worker or a fan I don’t remember too well
MONEY 2008
MONEY 2008 23 ditë më parë
Abdul Manaf
Abdul Manaf 24 ditë më parë
Who thinks Kaleyn and Brian are awesome?
A Goat
A Goat 24 ditë më parë
Why is Brian’s hair curly and yours straight
Santiago Munoz
Santiago Munoz 27 ditë më parë
me too love the smell of gas
Jamie Lee Ashton
Jamie Lee Ashton 27 ditë më parë
If nothing works out, you make a plan 👍
Teresa Rios
Teresa Rios 27 ditë më parë
Camera is with you well you are showering
xuan nguyen
xuan nguyen 27 ditë më parë
Christina Protic
Christina Protic 29 ditë më parë
Great video😄👍🏻🏀💜
Carlos Gaytan
Carlos Gaytan Muaj më parë
I wish I had Brandon’s energy he always so active and productive he so energetic I can’t relate one bit
Leonardo MJ
Leonardo MJ Muaj më parë
What if we're already subscribed silly muckalucka ahah xD
Delson Jeanvilma
Delson Jeanvilma Muaj më parë
poop 2:00
XxBlack_rosexX boba
XxBlack_rosexX boba Muaj më parë
Me and my sis also loves the smell of gas ngl it's the best smell :/
Michael Flores
Michael Flores Muaj më parë
OT_RACKS Muaj më parë
30 percent of the comments:about the vid Other percent: if ur reading this u will have a great life
Brittany Kerr
Brittany Kerr Muaj më parë
I do to I love the smell to
King Gazali
King Gazali Muaj më parë
Stop showing the dog please
King Gazali
King Gazali Muaj më parë
No that dog is ugly
tayah dorsey
tayah dorsey Muaj më parë
On my momma I do the same god damn thing gas smells bomb asf onm every time I go to the gas station with my mom or dad and I pump the gas guess what I do smell the gas till it's done being pumped lol and then my mom has to ruin it and says "stop, stop smelling that" like c'mon now it smells too good to stop lmao
Catherine Ortiz
Catherine Ortiz Muaj më parë
They still have that rule of that one word each 😂 Ooooh *smack*
Malaki Davis
Malaki Davis Muaj më parë
Crazy thing is my phone was actually hot cuz I been watching ALnets 😂
Alana Hersi
Alana Hersi Muaj më parë
as brandon handed the money kaelyn was like wtf they bet on me...
Kassandra Rios
Kassandra Rios Muaj më parë
when he said to stop eating for a sec i was like 😳🥣
KrypticOpz Muaj më parë
Be a nba player..., wait
Nancy Carlos
Nancy Carlos Muaj më parë
I really wanted to see someone break up lol
Nahida Noori
Nahida Noori Muaj më parë
i love the smell of gas o
Upnext Fluffy
Upnext Fluffy Muaj më parë
Brawadis was like: off the juice and faze rug was like:🤫
Expose TV
Expose TV Muaj më parë
That’s me too I like smell of gas smells really good
SpazzYT Muaj më parë
How you gonna leave you brother and not help him with his video when he gave you your career in YT🤦🏽‍♂️ just to go play bball🤢🤦🏽‍♂️
Lilbandzz Muaj më parë
“I wanna play among us too do they have scar h” 😭😭😭🤦🏽‍♂️💀
Abe Guy
Abe Guy Muaj më parë
Adam Hendi
Adam Hendi Muaj më parë
That's so fake like 1k is nothing to rug
BlueBenny24 Muaj më parë
I actually like this background music
KRQ11 Muaj më parë
Bosley worth 2 pennies😂😂😂.
Joselin Martinez Marcial
Joselin Martinez Marcial Muaj më parë
Why do you where the BAD BUNNY glasses ?
Brunilda Torres
Brunilda Torres Muaj më parë
OOOOH BRANDON NOOOOO!!!!!! Inhaling gas fumes is very dangerous to your lungs and other parts of your organs also death... Please! please! stop!! I don’t think you realize the harm it can do to you You are a wonderful man And you have a wonderful family Love you Brandon I look forward to your videos🥰
Gabcariso TV
Gabcariso TV Muaj më parë
Guys sorry for the interruption but LOLA & BOOKER will having a wedding on (OCTOBER 27,2020) thatis going to be the vlog of brandon thank me after you watch that on oct 27 hehe i know brandon will not reading this comment but me and brandon saw each other at chick fil-a and i said can you do a video that lola and booker will go on a wedding then he said that okay oct 27 dont tell anyone hahaha just thank me guys!😊
Alexa Torres
Alexa Torres Muaj më parë
Sir the thirst trap in the beginning of this video... goodbye 😭
RTDK lbj
RTDK lbj Muaj më parë
brandon: oh i hope no1s looking also him talking to 5.07 mil people: i love the smell of gas
Valery Ramirez
Valery Ramirez Muaj më parë
1:32 that line really hit him
SHE BEastt
SHE BEastt Muaj më parë
Is it ironic that now Brandon wants to keep speaking about 'marriage' and how he wants his 'wife' to look when he had wife material by his side whom he never noticed. I guess she was supposed to stay there forever and keep waiting patiently until 'he' decides to notice her. Sorry dude. To her, you are human and so is she and the world don't stop spinning.
Mason Grant
Mason Grant Muaj më parë
Come on Kalyan the best
Tara Basnet
Tara Basnet Muaj më parë
Brandon:I love the smell of gas Me:You ain't alone Brandon
Kadycat10 W
Kadycat10 W Muaj më parë
Hey guys
Juan 1 Camacho
Juan 1 Camacho Muaj më parë
I feel like rug doesn’t wanna be with her no more
Meganplays fan Roblox
Meganplays fan Roblox Muaj më parë
Whoever is reading this ur skin isn’t paper don’t cut it ur body isn’t a book don’t judge it ur heart isn’t a door don’t lock it ur life isn’t a movie don’t end it Btw be so I just wanna speed positive energy
Meganplays fan Roblox
Meganplays fan Roblox Muaj më parë
There’s a fake breakup going on and Lola’s like ooo tastes good.
Naz YT
Naz YT Muaj më parë
*Literally 99% won’t see this: Your amazing and wonderful stay safe during this rough times have a amazing weekend 🥰*
Naz YT
Naz YT Muaj më parë
*Literally 99% won’t see this: Your amazing and wonderful stay safe during this rough times have a amazing weekend 🥰*
twinpistols11 Muaj më parë
There’s a reason jackie didn’t wanna be with him, and just saying, i can name a few reasons at the top of my head 🤷🏻‍♂️
Groovy Ninja
Groovy Ninja Muaj më parë
1 like for the brawadsquad
wolfythedrago gaming
wolfythedrago gaming Muaj më parë
Money does not by you happiness live is more important
Emily Martinez
Emily Martinez Muaj më parë
I just realized that bosley looks like a manatee but an extra cute manatee 😌😊
Vlogs From The 6
Vlogs From The 6 Muaj më parë
Haggai Job
Haggai Job Muaj më parë
yo mee to i love the small gas
Darius Vlogz
Darius Vlogz Muaj më parë
Bogsle: just shut up already
Vlogs From The 6
Vlogs From The 6 Muaj më parë
Leanna R
Leanna R Muaj më parë
Hi guys. Anybody knows the name of the song playing at 1:32 in this video by chance?
Leonardo Cuello Gonzalez
Leonardo Cuello Gonzalez Muaj më parë
My man
Monke Oprah
Monke Oprah Muaj më parë
Bosley the goat
Saiid Yaghi
Saiid Yaghi Muaj më parë
Hy why are you a shqmed I like the smell too
Erica Torrez
Erica Torrez Muaj më parë
Bosely is sad because rug left him
Vlogs From The 6
Vlogs From The 6 Muaj më parë
i knowwww ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Berenise vega
Berenise vega Muaj më parë
1,000 dollars brah f Brian gives out 10,000 dollars really 1,000 dollars to break up brah
Mikky Fam
Mikky Fam Muaj më parë
periodttt i love the spell of gas
Vlogs From The 6
Vlogs From The 6 Muaj më parë
same here my favourite but after my head hurts LOL & I Wish i had supporters like you for my ALnets Channel!🙂STAY SAFE! ❤️
Neriska 08
Neriska 08 Muaj më parë
92 thousand people love bozzley
Chippa 48
Chippa 48 Muaj më parë
MahoneBiebbabe Muaj më parë
Love thissss so funny and cute
Casey x
Casey x Muaj më parë
Soyla Garcia
Soyla Garcia Muaj më parë
Love the lord amen🙁🙁🙁🙁😋😋
Maria Maria
Maria Maria Muaj më parë
You know he’s not over her when he keeps her clothes in his closet
Rafa Likerman
Rafa Likerman Muaj më parë
Go suns
Kiddo Fn
Kiddo Fn Muaj më parë
i did subscribe like bro keep up don't let haters get you down
Saldana J
Saldana J Muaj më parë
If u don’t get 6:31 don’t reply
bball212 Muaj më parë
BeAnER BOIi Muaj më parë
damm I saw that package
Nelvis Yazzie
Nelvis Yazzie Muaj më parë
🌴 Sorry I’m already subscribed. 🌵I live in Phoenix Arizona home of the Sun’s ☄️ 🏜 y’all’s videos. 👊🏼🤓
seanystreams Muaj më parë
even tho she was sus, was still funny her finding out lmaoo
It is what It is
It is what It is Muaj më parë
You not doing any videos in your home Brandon ??????
Tyrese Brown
Tyrese Brown Muaj më parë
yo bro im from south Africa capetown, hopefully upcoming artist can you give your clothes away and listern to my song bro
Sarah Crasta
Sarah Crasta Muaj më parë
1:51 how do u know im eating rn?
Abriana Medina
Abriana Medina Muaj më parë
How dose rayan toys revel has more subscribers 😂😂🙄😅😂😂
Sprinkles 22
Sprinkles 22 Muaj më parë
Brandon you make me laugh ❤️
Jayden Nelson
Jayden Nelson Muaj më parë
It’s so fake like its a 1000 dollars
sjaoenc A.
sjaoenc A. Muaj më parë
Getting litty like a candleeee😂🤩🤩💃
Tiko Quintero
Tiko Quintero Muaj më parë
King Bosley mood as fuck
Because of watching Brawadis I wanna play basketball I mean Im a girl but that game is interesting.
Teqn YT
Teqn YT Muaj më parë
My mom said if I could get 3k likes I will get you a professional setup so I can upgrade my content.please all I ask is for a like.please and thank you😔
RainbowVenom Muaj më parë
Brandon I caught you slacking at 1:10 😂 when you said “if I make this, everybody has to hit that subscribe button” 😂and then it cuts to you going around the hoop because I’m assuming you missed and you just got your rebound 😆 Like my comment if I’m right!!! Or still reply if not? 🥺
Miguel Huerta
Miguel Huerta Muaj më parë
The srceen is so hot cause of bocker cause hes so cute
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